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It’s Super Bowl Sunday- One of the most A-mazing days of the year! Hilarious commercials, great parties, the BIG GAME, and most importantly, an excuse to dress cute and meet boys!  I just finished a late brunch with the girls and decided it would be so fun to keep a running diary of the day. Super Bowl…WOO WOO!!!

4:30PM- After a pretty heavy debate, I decide I am going to go wear a Manning jersey. Manning plays for the Giants and his brother is that really funny guy in the commercials, so I think this will go over well.

4:36PM- I call my girl Hill and ask who is playing in the Super Bowl… (She played lacrosse for a Sushi 12 school and is a total sports fan. Guys love her!) I’m pretty sure she was confused, though, because she told me that one of the teams plays in a city called Green Bay and that sounds like it has to be made up.

4:42PM- Jordana and Ali come over to my place. They also wear cute football jerseys. Jordana goes to the bathroom and Ali tells me I look really hot. She then asks me who I think looks hotter between her and Jord? (I decide to stay out of this one).

4:47PM- We take the elevator down two floors to my older cousin’s apartment (Another Sushi 12 Alum). He is going to have an A-mazing super bowl party. We bring the chips (gluten free…obv) and guac.

4:48PM- We help my cousin set up. Call it a guilty pleasure, but I sort of love setting up for parties.

5:05PM- Me and the girls make a quick Sushi run to Haru. I have a spicy tuna roll. Ali eats half her roll and decides to take the rest home.

5:52PM- Ali throws the leftovers in the garbage. They wouldn’t keep.

6:15PM- We get home… Sushbros are starting to roll in. The girls and I grab the best seats right in front of the TV. A bunch of the guys have to stand. They all look at us. I knew it was the smart move to wear the Manning jersey…CUTE!

6:22PM- Christina Aguilera sings the National Anthem. I win my bet that she will sing the word “brave” for more than 6 seconds and am soooooooo excited! “I just won two dollars,” I yell.  I get a couple of high fives. The Super Bowl is SO FUN!

6:30PM- The players do the coin flip. I’m confused. Where is Tom Brady?

6:31PM- #2 is cute so I decide to root for the Packers!

6:34PM- The game starts… Yay!

6:47PM- To prove to the older boys that I am interested in the game I start to ask a lot of questions. The boys must think they are really good questions because with each one, they take longer and longer to respond… SUCCESS!

6:58PM- Cameron Diaz just fed ARod popcorn… I hate him! I see this week’s US Weekly on the table and start reading.

7:02PM- All these commercials have me craving doritos… But I shouldn’t. I go with bbq flavored soy crisps instead…

7:24PM- Ok, I’ll admit it… The game is a little boring. Ali and I run upstairs. We go on the computer to check showtimes for The Roommate- The new movie with Minka Kelly- I am obsessssssssssssed with her! This is getting me so excited for the Oscars.

7:28PM- I write on Jordana’s Facebook wall: Countdown to the Oscars… 21 days!

7:31PM- We go back downstairs and sit down on the couch. My phone vibrates… Jordana wrote on my wall: ”Can’t wait!” We all look at eachother. LOL!

7:35PM- Ali looks at a few of the boys and asks: “Is there any chance the game is over at 8:20 so we can go see the new Minka Kelly movie.” We receive no response… Apparently not.

7:37PM- I’m worried that we annoyed the boys with that question. Should I ask about the 8:50 show instead? I need to redeem the girls. “Can I get anyone anything?”

One of the boys responds: “A beer for me please.”

I give him the thumbs up: “A-mazing choice!” (REDEMPTION!)

I go the fridge and have a mini panic attack. There’s only Bud Light cans. I try to compose myself. “Come on, you did this once during pledging!”

7:42PM- After collecting myself for 5 minutes, I return to the couch. I take a sip of beer. (Definitely going to Soul Cycle in the morning)

7:56PM- I have taken like 100 more sips. Why does the beer still feel full?  I run upstairs to the bathroom and pour the rest of the beer in the toilet (they’ll never suspect this). I return downstairs. One of the bros asks me if I need another. “I’m ok, Shari is bringing me Starbucks.” (Yes! They bought it!)

7:57PM- I text Shari begging her to come over with Starbucks. My order does not fit in one text message so I have to send her another text. I hope this doesn’t confuse her!

8:03PM- the 2nd quarter is about to end and one of the bros looks really upset.

“Whats the matter?” I ask.
“I just lost my bet!” He replies.
“It’s ok, I won mine earlier so we are even.”

The bro storms out. Another one of the bros looks back at me and says: “He lost $500.”

Oops. (Why do boys bet so much?)

8:05PM- It’s halftime and everyone goes downstairs for a Parliament Light. Brrrr. Too cold for me. Jordana and Ali leave as well. They tell me they are party hopping and going to a party for a law school friend but I’m pretty sure they just went home. (My record is 6 parties in one Super Bowl)

8:10PM- First half recap:

#73 on the Packers has really fat legs.
#43 on the Steelers has really funny hair. (How does it not get caught?)
The Steelers coach looks like Omar Epps.
I really like commercials with monkeys driving cars.

8:18PM- OMG! A new super cute boy walks in. He asks me: ”What’s the score?”
(Crap. I have no idea.)

I quickly change from the “Kitty Halftime Show” on Animal Planet to the game. “The Packers are winning 10-21,” I say, anxiously (Hope that was quick enough).

“You mean 21-10?” He asks.

Apparently I have been saying the score wrong for 21 years. (That’s how old I feel!)

“BRB” I tell him.

8:26PM- After a quick hair check I come back downstairs and see the cute boy on the phone. I feel bad, but I have to listen. He talks about the game and how pumped he is for the stock market to open on Monday and then mentions the word “equity.” I then realize he is speaking in private. HOLY COW. He works in Private Equity! I run back upstairs!

8:39PM- After a second hair check, I come back downstairs. This is what the Super Bowl is all about. Time to get your MRS. Private Equity on girl…LOL. The living room is again full, but Private Equity boy is gone. OH NO!

“Where did he go?” I ask. Apparently he left.

I grab my spot on the couch and curl up in a ball. This sucks!

9:25PM- I snap out of what must have been a 45 minute trance twirling my hair. The 4th quarter is starting.

I text Jordana: “The Super Bowl takes forever.”

She quickly replies: “LOL Obv.” (Why I love her)

Where is Shari with my Starbucks?

9:31PM- I have an epiphany. I know what can make this a little more fun. I should get my camera and take pics. The Sushbros will love this. The boys then erupt in cheer. “Touchdown!” one yells. I so can’t miss this Facebook opp.

9:33PM- After pretending to care about the touchdown, I run upstairs to my apartment. Shoot, where did I leave my camera? I turn on the tv and I stumble upon an episode of the OC. (Ok, I tivoed it this afternoon).

10:14PM- Pretty A-mazing ep… Seth Cohen said something ironic!  Oh look, there’s my camera!

10:17PM- I get in the elevator to go back downstairs. The elevator opens and all the boys are waiting. “What happened?”

“The game’s over,” one of them replies.

“I know that,” I reply. (Teeny lie)

The boys start to funnel into the elevator. “What are you guys doing now,” I ask, feeling a tad excluded: “We’re going out for a bit. Your cousin is still home. He said he would meet us later.”

10:19PM- I get back to my cousin’s apartment and help him clean up.

10:33PM- Just as I am getting ready to go home- somewhat unthrilled by the Super Bowl- the most a-mazing thing happens. The Private Equity boy shows up again!

He looks at my cousin: “You ready?”

My cousin puts on his jacket. And then, it gets even more A-mazing! The Private Equity boy looks at me and says:

“You wanna come, too?” I freeze. “Come on. It’ll be fun. I’ll buy you a vodka soda.”

This guy is GOOD!

“Give me one second,” I reply… (OMG!) I run upstairs so excited. I think I found my date for Valentine’s Day!

A-mazing day! I love the Super Bowl! Hope you guys all had fun!


PS- My diet starts tomorrow!

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